Our production tool

Integrated production of Lactobacillus

A production unit divided into 2 production workshops :

The strain multiplication unit with its control laboratory.

The products stabilisation unit to spray on different carriers.

STI biotechnologie through its facilities – laboratory and industrial site – develops and manufactures a range of products according to a controlled approach at all levels to ensure efficiency, quality, safety and traceability to its customers.

Our exclusive strains

lactobacillus strains

Lactobacillus farciminis, CNCM-I-3699.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus, CNCM-I-3698.

Both strains are registered and stored at the Pasteur Institute.

Factory / put on carrier

Each production step is controlled in specific rooms.

STI biotechnologie has total control over its know-how.

These key elements of our industrial process enable our users to meet their performance requirements and environmental challenges.

GMP+ certified since 2013, STI biotechnologie has continued its quality approach with the OQUALIM standard and its GMO-Free Feed Technical Base.

A range of products is also certified ” Approved for use in Organic Agriculture”.

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