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Environment protection and effective resources

It’s a vicious cycle: climate change affects agriculture, but, conversely, industrial, urban and agricultural activities all contribute to climate change. Reducing the negative impact of their activities on the surrounding ‘air, soil and water’ and reducing greenhouse gases are both key concerns for farmers.

The introduction of agricultural practices such as agro-environment represents a sustainable solution for effectively addressing these concerns.

The environment is an important focus of STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE’s work and research.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE’s environment range acts on pollutants and waste from industrial areas, urban areas and farms (effluents, manure, bedding and odour pollution).

The products in this range are blends that can be spread around animal living quarters and directly onto manure and bedding.

The STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE nutritional specialities for environmental management are natural solutions:

  • STABILIT: dries bedding and floors in stables and pens.
  • SORBI ACTIVE: reduces pollutant emissions, reduces the frequency of application.