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Nutrition adapted to sustainable aquaculture

The global consumption of fishing and aquaculture products has greatly increased over the last twenty years. Wild capture fisheries can no longer keep up with global demand. 
Nowadays, fish breeding is used to supplement farming in this sector.

Aquatic production methods are therefore undergoing significant change.

As such, the nutritional and economic considerations and the environmental consequences must be of paramount concern for the aquaculture sector.

For the professionals involved, the use of innovative and natural nutritional products as an alternative to antibiotics presents a solution for sustainable aquaculture.

The nutritional and environmental qualities of the STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE aquaculture nutrition range improve digestion, minimise metabolic waste and reduce pollution.

The products in this range are specialities for use as fish and prawn food.

The STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE nutritional specialities for aquaculture are natural solutions:

  • METALAC TM: reduces mortality rates and deformities malformations and improves fish performance levels.
  • METALAC TM& INNOBIALTM: reduces mortality rates and deformities, improves performance levels and prevents digestive issues in prawns.