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Safe animal nutrition, fodder and quality joint products  


In a sector where elements as crucial as land resources are growing increasingly rare, technological change is a key factor in the development of this field and for the protection of natural and environmental resources.

In order for their farms to continue to perform at a high level, livestock breeders must adopt an efficient production method to improve their produce.
For breeders, safe and effective animal nutrition is a possible method: instead of using antibiotics, they can adopt natural and innovative nutritional practices and provide their animals with the necessary care.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE’s animal nutrition range improves performances through bio-regulation of the intestinal flora and strengthening of the animal’s overall condition.

The products in this range are specialities to be incorporated into the feed or drinking water of livestock (cows, sheeps, goats, pigs) or competition (horse-breeding) animals.


The STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE nutritional specialities for livestock are natural solutions:

  • RUMIBIALTM: stimulates the digestive function of ruminants (cows, goats, sheep, horses), and improves production parameters.
  • METALAC TM Poultry: prevents digestive disorders and improves poultry performance.
  • METALAC TM Pig: prevents digestive disorders and improves pig performance.
  • SORBENSYL®: optimises the preservation and uptake of plants and co-products.