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Crop optimisation and sustainable soil management

As the global population continues to rise, the farming world must produce healthy food products, with high nutritional content in order to meet this growing demand.
Deforestation, excessive farming, over-grazing, pollution and climate change all contribute to the deteriorating quality of our soils and diminish the nutritional content of crops, therefore affecting food production.

Soils are a non-renewable resource. The preservation and sustainable management of soils are essential for food production (plants, livestock animals), maintaining biodiversity, and ensuring a sustainable future.

Agro-environment is a farming approach that can stop soil deterioration, restore damaged soils and optimise crops and harvests.


The mineral qualities in STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE’s agronomy range have a sustainable effect on plants and soils.

The products in this range are blends that can be spread across cultivated fields and directly onto harvests.

The STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE agro-environmental solutions for plants and soils: