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Expansion focusing on South America

After Europe and Asian countries, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE – specialised in the production of lactic ferment based products for livestock farming and the agroenvironment, is continuing its international development. STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE looks further ahead for its tiny lactic ferments.

Since its creation in 2007, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE has built up a reputation in its field. GThanks to fully mastered know-how and continuous improvement of the products resulting from its research, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE has been able to evolve and thrive.

Since 2015, the company has decided to create new momentum by expanding internationally and has rapidly and durably strengthened its worldwide presence. A proof, the export turnover growth: from 3% in 2017, it increased to 23% in 2019.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE’s goal is to head South America

Wide farming areas, various weather conditions, and modernization trends in the agricultural sector, Mexico has a lot of assets supporting the cultivation of a wide variety of products.

Thanks to the support of the C.C.I Ouest* and Business France**, at the initiative of this trip, the managers decided to travel to Mexico in order decide of the launch of its development project on this area.
Thanks to business meetings on site, relationships network, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE has been able to improve its knowledge of the country and to take into account the interest of this commercial network in Mexico.

This development project aimed at being as close as possible to its customers and at strengthening the brand’s growth throughout South America with strong potential in Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia.