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STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE: innovative biotechnological solutions


STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE designs and develops lactic ferment-based products using a concept emerged 50 years ago.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE works alongside animal nutrition, aquaculture and agro-environment specialists.

Sustainable rearing, agricultural developments, environmental issues, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE has biotechnological solutions that can address these issues.

By working closely with its scientific partners, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE is able to keep making scientific progress. This close relationship with expert scientists and researchers enables STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE to release applicable and approved products to the market.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE is recognised for the expertise and applications it has provided across all its sectors (animals, aquaculture, plants and environment) at an international level:  Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Europe.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE, recognised expertise

  • 1960’s | French biologist Joseph-Louis Legarda, isolates strains presenting strong enzymatic potential. The two bacterial strains are lactobacillus rhamnonus and lactobacillus farciminis.
  • 1992 | The company SORBIAL is founded.
  • 2007 | STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE is founded: exclusively distributes the 2 strains.
  • 2007 | Its range of lactic ferment-based animal nutrition products is placed on the market.
  • 2009 | A new range of agro-environment products is released on the market.
  • 2009 / 2010 | A modern, efficient, GMP+ approved production unit is built.
  • 2013 | Obtains GMP+ certification for animal nutrition.
  • 2015 | STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE buys back ownership of the strains from the DUPONT DANISCO group.
  • 2015 | STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE internalises its expertise and obtains exclusive intellectual property of both strains.
  • 2018 | STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE merges its culture and testing laboratories at its headquarters.
  • 2018 | Creation of an organic range.
  • 2020 | The IDENA Group acquires the company.

Using our in-depth know-how and expertise in animal and agro-environmental biotechnology, we are able to meet the agricultural, industrial and environmental demands of our customers in France and around the world.

*GMP+ Feed Assurance Scheme is the acronym for Good Manufacturing Practices. This acronym has been renamed GMP+ International; it is a set of standards based on the analysis of HACCP risks in the field of animal nutrition and is recognised at a European and global level.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE: a unique, controlled and reliable production process

Processus de production STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE uses its rhamnosus and farciminis strains to develop its range of products.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE uses active ingredients (products containing bacteria). Depending on the type of application, this active ingredient is
directly placed on media using a unique and powerful production unit. The rhamnosus and farciminis strains are the exclusive property of STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE possesses a totally automated industrial process. Each stage of production is controlled in dedicated rooms, and is subject to a specific control.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE has full ownership of its expertise.

These key elements of our industrial process enable our users to meet their performance requirements and respond to environmental challenges.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE: an international dimension

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE à l'international

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE has formed its network and business partnerships on an international level.

Using its distribution network, STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE is able to circulate its animal nutrition, aquaculture and agro-environment products on a global scale: Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa.

STI BIOTECHNOLOGIE provides biotechnological solutions to suit your needs.

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